Our course is the only course in the world that guarantees to fast track your learning as we have taken extensive research into how the brain absorbs information. We have videos/audio from actors acting out various scenes so that you have a better understanding of the situation and this in turn speeds up the process of your ability to learn to execute your skills.

Social media is all video – don’t you think there is a reason?

We are used to absorbing information in visual form through billboards (hoardings), television, phones, laptops and computer games. We start very young. Lego instructions are picture-based only, it’s how we learn before we can even read.

We use YouTube videos to learn how to do a range of activities from cooking a meal to making a table to bandaging an arm. The information is immediately accessible, easy to follow and takes less time than reading a text over and over.

We are born learning about relationships (with our parents, siblings) through watching not through reading.

Learning through videos will not only save you time but also save you money!