Academy of Relationship Coaching
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The overall aim of the Academy of Relationship coaching is to provide the skills to coach single individuals in making good couple relationship choices and also to increase stability, happiness and fulfilment for couples for long lasting loving relationships
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This FREE & LIVE Video Course Will Show You:

  • Secret #1 (Couples): How to have simple to follow models to coach couples to improve their relationships in a loving and positive way without them feeling like they are taking the blame.

  • Secret #2 (Singles): How by following a simple model you can help single men and women in the dating world find, attract and keep the right partner by having confidence and understanding of the opposite sex.

  • Secret #3 (Marketing): How to get free leads and be paid upfront before your first coaching sessions even without previous marketing or social media experience


The relationship market is massive and especially NOW as a lot of people and couples are at home – so if you are wondering if this chosen niche has a lot of potential then the answer is a Big YES

Academy of Relationship Coaching

Here’s what you’ll also discover:

  • How with just some simple tips you can run your own coaching business without any previous experience for a market with massive demand for relationship coaches

  • The 6-step easy system step by step formula you can use with singles, couples and in marriages to help people to find love

  • How to get FREE quality leads and turn them into buyers instantly

  • CASE STUDY: How (single women) Lucy and Sacha found the right men, got married and started a family by changing a few simple things in their life!

Plus FREE Bonus:

All attendees will receive my “Secret Bonus Gift Worth £147” how to get free leads guide – a complete overview of the in-depth system I’ll be covering in the training!

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