About Us

Academy of Relationship Coaching

Here at the Academy of Relationship Coaching we are passionate about helping people in their relationships, about training our coaches and helping them to build successful businesses.

We have developed our ARC Certification Programme to allow more people to go out into the world to help people find a partner, improve their relationships and develop their knowledge and understanding of themselves and the opposite sex. We want to keep families together, help provide good role models to children and increase people’s self-confidence.

Des O’Connor is an award-winning entrepreneur and industry-leading business coach, having received recognition such as:

  • 2013 Relationship Coach of the Year – Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants (APCTC)

  • Bestselling Author – contributing author to “Coach Wisdom”

  • Founder of Social Media Marketing Events

  • Founder of Women In Business Events

  • International Speaker; has spoken at business and professional conferences throughout the UK, Dubai and in the U.S. and other international markets

Des’s own journey to setting up the Academy of Relationship Coaching was inspired by his own painful experiences in life. Feeling at rock bottom after his divorce, his financial situation ruined and difficulty in seeing his own child, Des set out through the help of a friend to learn about self-development. Des had already been a successful driving instructor, leading to owning his own driving instructor business, appearing on television after being known as the celebrity driving instructor so he knew about business but not about understanding himself.

Through self-development resources Des soon felt that he wanted to be a life coach. From that he started hosting speed dating events, then workshops for single women and then launching the Academy of Relationship Coaching, running Dating Relationship Coaching conferences, Women in Business Conferences and becoming an international speaker and appearing on TV and radio. Des is an excellent example of how coaching can change your life for the better, set up successful businesses and events and even win awards.

The ARC Certification programme will help you to become a relationship coach, understand yourself and have a successful business!